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We help great brands tell better stories.

With a diverse, curated team of collaborators in video, photography, web and app design, illustration, and animation, Two Eye Monkey creates unique, innovative content across all web platforms. 





No.6 Store

Every season's Video Fashion Week highlights selected designers through Ready-to-Wear concept films curated by editors. Two Eye Monkey conceives and produces narrative videos for No.6 Store that evoke the sensibility of each season's collection.

The No.6 Office is a mockumentary poking self-referential fun at the No.6 brand while paying homage to Spinal Tap and the American TV series The Office.  Back to the Garden channels the spirit of Little Edie from the iconic 1975 documentary "Grey Gardens".  #alternativefacts is set in a post-apocalyptic world, juxtaposing two oneiric realities. Too Much Coffee is a peek into the mind of a modern urban woman through a stream-of-consciousness narrative. The Room tells a melancholic tale of expectation and waiting at a roadside motel.


THE NO.6 OFFICE | No.6 Store SS2018

#alternativefacts | NO.6 STORE FW2017


Too Much Coffee | No.6 Store SS2016

The Room | No.6 Store FW2015







Everything but the coffee...


The Morning Man Alarm Clock App

The Morning Man Alarm Clock is an iPhone app conceived, developed, and marketed exclusively by Two Eye Monkey. Assets include the iPhone and Android app; Morning Man website; promotional video; and T-shirt.

The Morning Man Alarm Clock App has been downloaded over 80,000 times and featured on Good Morning America and The Today Show as well as in dozens of magazines, newspapers, and blogs around the globe. The Morning Man video has been viewed over 70,000 times in 49 countries.






Glamour Magazine Make Your Mark

The "Make Your Mark" project by Glamour Magazine, in collaboration with Bayer, celebrates women looking to make their mark on the world. We produced a series of candid portraits and short videos showcasing five impressive young women telling their personal success stories, including Zosia Mamet from the HBO Series "Girls".









Belle And The Owls

"Belle and The Owls" is a video and stills project conceived for the Belgium fashion brand Bellerose. The project was inspired by the playful nature of the quirky clothing line and the owl and animal theme in the Fall/Winter collection.

Paying homage to the classic children's book "Harold And The Purple Crayon", we created a two-dimensional world for our heroine Belle integrating illustration, puppetry, and painted sets with video and stop motion animation.